6 Week Course Painting From Start to Finish

Roger Dean Course £ 1600


In this six-week, six module course we aim to take you through the process of creating a painting from the idea to the finished piece of work. We will be painting the most integral parts of the painting together in each module. Roger will do a one-hour live session each week with our first group of ten students. You will be given an assignment for the week and will receive written feedback. This first group will be instrumental in developing the course with Roger as we progress to make sure we build the best course possible.

Painters of any ability are welcome from those who are professional painters who want to more tools in their armoury to painters who haven’t lifted a brush yet.

We intend to build the course and expand into other courses but this may be the only fully live one we do. If you want to make sure of this opportunity to learn live with Roger Dean, this is the course to join.

  • Week 1: Deciding and designing
  • Week 2: Painting the background and setting the mood
  • Week 3: Geology and topography, the basics of landscape
  • Week 4: Earth reaching the sky, painting trees
  • Week 5: Populating the landscape and painting the fauna
  • Week 6: Arranging the elements and composing the painting
  • Week 1: June 17th Wednesday 
  • Week 2: June 24th Wednesday 
  • Week 3: July 1st Wednesday 
  • Week 4: July 8th Wednesday 
  • Week 5: July 15th Wednesday 
  • Week 6: July 22nd Wednesday 

Course Outcomes:

By the end of this six week course you will learn the fundamental process of how to create a painting, from the concept to creating the composition and finally executing the work itself. You will learn from Roger his mindset and methodology of the process and be able to incorporate these skills of creativity and technique into your own practice. You will receive a certificate of participation acknowledging your part in the founding of the Roger Dean Art Course. We all sincerely hope that as well as learning from Roger himself you will all have a wonderful and extraordinary experience for this six week that will inspire your creative enthusiasm and be a wonderful memory.

What you will need

You will need a Facebook account for this first course. As it will be live with Roger as opposed to recorded, the sessions will take place in a private group on Facebook. Once you have signed up and given us your Facebook name, we will add you to this closed group. We can chat, share images and discuss progress but the formal feedback will be emailed privately to each student. Also, if for whatever reason you can’t make a live tutoring session, the video will remain in the group until the end of the course so you can catch up whenever you have time.

I recommend you get yourself an audiobook or download a podcast series that will keep you engrossed for at least 50 hours. This is so that while you are working on your assignments your attention can be occupied elsewhere.


It is not essential to spend a lot of money. There are differences in quality between materials but the important thing is that you have something to paint with (synthetic brushes and acrylic paint) and something to paint on (any board or canvas)

  • Paper for sketching
  • Watercolour sketchpad
  • Pencil (my preference is Mars Staedtler)
  • Sharpener
  • Eraser

Canvas or board (Any size you like is fine, but bear in mind the bigger it is, the more paint you’ll need to cover it)

  • Brushes
  • Gesso or primer
  • Basic acrylic paint set, choose a set and brand according to your budget

If you want to have or know the most useful colours for me, I’ve listed these below and discuss why they are useful in my live session XIX. I use the brand Golden so the names apply to their series, you do not require these but I recommend them if you like. I also recommend M. Graham & Co. acrylic paint:

  • ‘Golden’ Ultramarine blue
  • ‘Golden’ Cerulean blue
  • ‘Golden’ Chromium oxide green
  • ‘Golden’ light phthalo blue
  • ‘Golden’ Teal
  • ‘Golden’ Naples yellow hue
  • ‘Golden’ Burnt umber light
  • ‘Golden’ Pyrrole red light
  • ‘Golden’ Phthalo blue
  • ‘Golden’ Quinacridone magenta
  • ‘Golden’ N6 neutral grey
  • ‘Golden’ Zinc white
  • ‘Golden’ Prime yellow
  • ‘Golden’ Titanium white
  • ‘Golden’ Mars black
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