Hand Finished Fine Art Prints

DURING 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Prints hand finished and embellished by the Artist typically in editions of 50

Going back to the beginning 1997 when I made my first silkscreen print of “Tales From Topographic Oceans” I was asked to paint as well as draw remarque’s on the print but I had to be extremely careful as the print paper was not designed to be painted except with a very light touch.

The idea of reworking some of my images had a great appeal for me along with a strong demand for them, so I made some test pieces. The paper we sourced was 638 gsm Heavy Waterford Watercolour paper.
It was ideal and even with a large, very wet area the paper did not buckle or distort.

My thought was to let the image and instinct define what I would do and after a while I realised that I had two distinct approaches. With, for example, “Dragon at Dawn” or “Pathways” I worked with transparent paints to bring out the vividness of the colour in the Dragon and in the foreground spiral in “Pathways”. I loved how this degree of enhancement really reinforced the three dimensional effect.

The other thing I did was to add features. For example on the “Close To The Edge” print I often painted extra trees in the foreground or extra rock forms on “Electric Sheep”.

These hand painted enhancements were my response to the image and the moment but inevitably I have been asked to paint special features and a number of commissions have been completed. These are typically to be negotiated.