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When I was given this project and talked to the band (Paladin) an Arthurian theme seemed the obvious route but I wanted something different, to give it a different take, and so I designed the biomechanical horse. The challenge was to keep it credible and I guess it was as it seemed to inspire a whole era of biomechanical offspring.

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Paper 300 lb’s (640 gsm) heavy Waterford Watercolour paper
Paper size 60” x 40” (1523mm x 1017mm)
Image size 47” x 27.5” (1194mm x 698.5mm)

Paper 300 lb’s (640 gsm) heavy Waterford Watercolour paper
Paper size 34” x 26” (863mm x 660mm)
Image size 28” x 19” (710mm x 482mm)
Edition size 50 plus 5 artist’s proofs.
© Roger Dean 1972 / 2020

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  1. Ian Sander

    I was about 13 when I first saw this artwork. At the time I was heavily into Lord of the Rings and although this painting has no connection at all to that epic story I always associate the rider(s) to the Nazgul riders. It also had a big impact on my own artistic style.

    At the end of last year I was able to purchase a hand finished print of ‘The Bridge Shrine’ by Roger and a couple of smaller pieces of work. I was asked at the time if there was any other artwork of Roger’s that I would be interested in and of course I enquired about ‘Paladin Charge’.

    Although not available as a print at that time, Roger set about creating this limited edition.
    Just over three months later I have my own signed, hand finished copy in the larger size.

    It is a magnificent piece of work and the rich red colour of the biomechanical mount is not done justice by the image on this site. The composition and framing evokes the feeling that the ‘muscular horse’ will eventually exit the frame.

    A print that I will always treasure. Now hanging alongside ‘The Bridge Shrine’

    I still see the Nazgul every time I look at this piece.

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